What can I check if my Air Conditioner is freezing up?

One of our customers in Lehigh Acres called and asked :

“What can I check if my Air Conditioner is freezing up”?

  1. Check your AC filter.

One of the more common reasons for your AC unit freezing up is blocked or limited air flow through the unit. Check your filter and make an effort to change it regularly, every 2 or 3 months or so. A lack of air flow through the unit will cause system temperature to drop making you air conditioner freeze up.

2. Check your evaporator coil.

A dirty coil inside your AC unit can reduce airflow across it thus dropping the temperature and freezing up your unit. It can also cause your AC to smell, well not so good. Cleaning the coils is a good idea for both reasons. Check here to find out how.

3. Check your duct work for restricted air flow.

You can start by removing the vents and looking inside with a flashlight. Look for any heavy buildup of dust as that may be a problem in the bends or in smaller ductwork. To check for kinks or cracked or leaking ductwork you will need to go into the attic. If you have never been or need help ask a friend for help.

If everything checks out OK call Livingston Air. The next step would be for us to check your refrigerant. Very often low pressure in the system caused by a low or overcharged system can cause an AC unit to freeze up.